Waverley Police Station

Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Place type : Police
Address : 153 Bronte Rd, Waverley NSW 2024, Australia
Coordinate : -33.8979436, 151.2517513
Phone : +61 2 9369 9899
Rating : 2.7/5
Website :
Compound Code : 4722+RP Waverley, New South Wales, Australia

What other say:

Anthony Paterno (12/20/2020)
Bunch of Bullies.If l need the police l'll call the fire brigade instead.Most important there're a Nuicance.
Coffee Jab (11/01/2020)
Keep up the amazing work ☺
Kathy Xiao (06/20/2020)
not particularly helpful in obtaining a police event number for my dad's accident, which I needed for a CTP claim which was a nightmare in itself. When I first called the police station to locate Constable Brad, I got through to a woman who seemed to not want to be there and was a quite rude. Overall not a great experience with this police station. Also Constable Brad who attended my father's accident and called to inform me, he probably should of mentioned his last name, because it was a nightmare trying to get a hold of him to get the event number. However an exception with police officer Thompson who also attended my father's accident, she was genuinely nice over the phone.
John N (06/29/2020)
Nice guys on front desk but they should think of moving the fingerprint machine out of the custody area. Its essentially useless.
Sage B (02/20/2020)
My iPhone got stolen in Westfield Burwood on 10-02-2020. I went to Waverley Police Station (my local area) and met Constable T. Arch, who took my statement. I've never met her after this interview. Constable T. Arch then had to transfer my case to Burwood Police as the event happened there. Constable T. Arch not only showed compassion and sympathy towards me, a victim of theft, but she continued to follow up with Burwood Police and myself about it. Burwood Police not once contacted me, it was me who had to chase them up for updates. Constable T. Arch made contact with me and continued to follow up, even though, she wasn't managing my case. This shows that this amazing Constable went the extra mile to make sure I get closure in this case even though she didn't have to. This is showing that Constable T. Arch is a committed and responsible Police Officer and I hope all Police Constables would show such commitment to all victims all the way to a "closure" stage just like Constable T. Arch. I hope she gets recognition by her managers for the quality service and care for victims. I'd give her 10 stars but can only give her 5-stars. I hope Waverley Station continues to hire such amazing Constables and keep up with these standards of quality service to victims of our community. I also hope that she receives a decent recognition by her Commander which she surly deserves. Thank you so much Constable T. Arch!

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