Singleton Police Station

Singleton, New South Wales, Australia
Place type : Police
Address : 22 Hunter St, Singleton NSW 2330, Australia
Coordinate : -32.563568, 151.173888
Phone : +61 2 6578 7499
Rating : 2.9/5
Website :
Compound Code : C5PF+HH Singleton, New South Wales, Australia

What other say:

Lily Xie (12/05/2020)
Great service! Thank you very much, officer Jack.
ShanMarie d (09/10/2020)
Hands down the worse police station I have encountered. My car was stolen yet I have never spoken to senior constantable Jessica Wilkson Who recovered my car. So how have they made the decision to say my car was never stolen even thou they had caught the guy red handed with swapped licenses plates. Told my mother that a set of key were found then told me that there were none? This police station is the reason why I have anxiety going to the police. They didn’t even bother to inform me there decision not only that took my statement three months later. I didn’t find out until a year later what had happened and when I ask for the guys name so I can sue him they said no. The lot of police officers in this station need training cause it’s not good enough. What’s the point of your little black note book if your not going to refer to it. I could do a better job then the lot of yous.
Shadow Ghost (05/10/2019)
Lazy and dont want to help, the only people they do help are the people they know and like. Nothing has changed in that town the Police have all good intentions in the beginning when they are posted there and then pick and choose who they help. The drug dealers run the town like always and NOTHING WILL CHANGE.
Fil Curley (08/19/2019)
This station supports child abusive parents. Plain and simple
Thakor Thakor (07/20/2017)

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