Rose Bay Police Station

Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Place type : Police
Address : 1 Wunulla Rd, Point Piper NSW 2027, Australia
Coordinate : -33.8698092, 151.2526514
Phone : +61 2 9362 6399
Rating : 3.4/5
Website :
Compound Code : 47J3+33 Point Piper, New South Wales, Australia


Rose Bay Police Station
Rose Bay Police Station
Rose Bay Police Station
Rose Bay Police Station
Rose Bay Police Station
Rose Bay Police Station
Rose Bay Police Station
Rose Bay Police Station
Rose Bay Police Station

What other say:

Justin Kinsey (03/31/2020)
Whilst we are currently in lock down the unit above me had builders in with mini jackhammers removing the flooring - 100% of the unit was tiles so the job was to take many hours. I am obviously locked at home due to government imposed restrictions and trying to work from home + I have a 15 month old kid who was screaming hysterically when the jackhammer was going. I asked them to stop however their manager would not stop. I called the strata manager who apologised for not advising the building of this work being conducted today as he didn't consider the noise...... I called the Rose Bay police to see what they can do. They asked did the work have strata approval which I advised yes however we didn't receive any notice and her response was there is nothing we can do. I pleaded based on considering current circumstances and again nothing we can do was the response..... for an organisation that is supposed to protect us (including my hysterical child) this is very disappointing outcome!!!!
Stephanie Southcombe (11/26/2019)
About 5 years ago I went to report an assault I had experienced - a couple of weeks after the fact. It was an incredibly difficult thing for me to go and do. However, I was told by a female police officer I was 'making it up' and asked " for evidence" to prove that I wasn't. I left. I've never forgotten that feeling of injustice and I makes my blood run cold to think of that happening to someone else who experienced something more serious than I did. I put in a formal complaint and never heard anything back.
B T (07/06/2017)
Rosebay police saved my life at the gap I could never than Insp Macdonald, Snr constable Browne and constable Kirt for there words on that day that talked me away from a stupid potential decision. Kind regards Todd
Jianwen Zhang (04/24/2018)
Very helpful and friendly! A lot of thanks and respect to Rose Bay police station!
Geoff Ingleton (02/01/2017)
Very Helpful

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