Lake Illawarra Police Station

Kiama, New South Wales, Australia
Place type : Police
Address : 6 Pioneer Dr, Oak Flats NSW 2529, Australia
Coordinate : -34.5713365, 150.8198244
Phone : +61 2 4232 5599
Rating : 3.6/5
Website :
Compound Code : CRH9+FW Oak Flats, New South Wales, Australia

What other say:

Hamed Taghvaei (10/26/2020)
Fantastic, professional and prompt service, saved our business. they caught the armed robber in less than 1h. appreciate all their support. #feeling_safe
TH3 UNKNOWN ll (08/09/2020)
Great place for a hair cut 👌🏼
Aime Karu-Dunning (01/27/2020)
If I could 0 stars I would. Very rude and no help with any enquiry. Had an issue where the blame for a false situation was put onto me and I received a warning for it. The officers who attended are very incompetent in their job. In saying this, how can blame be put onto someone for a situation that never happened. VERY DISGUSTED
Shellharbour1991 (04/26/2020)
Did not follow up on complaint at all i have been trying to contact them for two days for no one to answer the phone now the situatuon keeps esculating and when some one gets hurt we all go through court when it could of been prevented clap clap great job guys.
Keaton Owen (05/20/2019)
Unprofessional, Unmotivated bunch of stuck up power trippers who waste time and resources deliberately to suit there own agenda not that of the community. Are often so blind due to neglecting respect for those it was meant to serve and protect resulting in crime to increase. The stigma in this region towards the police is alarming at best it has built a reputation of being a real “Bully” and can be so emotionally distressing turning to your local authorities for the simplest of help or advice or anything in general. Love thy neighbour. I think the people should remind the police why we created there job role along with a constitutional amendment so basically we said we will pay you but this is how you must serve and respect the community first and foremost. So get some dignity back in our community please or hand in your badge with some honour.

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