Carlton South Public School

Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Place type : School
Address : 67 Jubilee Ave, Carlton NSW 2218, Australia
Coordinate : -33.9726916, 151.1282439
Phone : +61 2 9587 5777
Rating : 4.4/5
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Compound Code : 24GH+W7 Carlton, New South Wales, Australia
Opening hours :
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours


Carlton South Public School
Carlton South Public School
Carlton South Public School
Carlton South Public School
Carlton South Public School
Carlton South Public School
Carlton South Public School

What other say:

Jensen Low (12/20/2020)
Diverse school with many co-curricular options. Key focus on academics can really benefit those who are willing to undertake learning challenges. School community is working hard to upgrade their facilities to further students' learning experiences. Overall, an excellent school, but more emphasis on maths and particularly science could improve this.
Amali Taggart (08/27/2020)
Ijal Shrestha (05/19/2020)
Carlton South Public School is a phenomenal primary school attracting a wide demographic of students across its catchment involving four suburbs (Beverly Park, Kogarah, Carlton, Allawah). Even so, because of the impeccable teaching quality and wide range of resources they have on stock, many travel beyond the catchment area. The physical education received at this school is simply top notch. The school regularly houses in school mini sporting competitions among members from Grades 3-6. With the younger grades, an increasing emphasis is placed on development of core skills and these core skills are often integrated in very enjoyable games. The teaching at this school is highly experienced, particularly for English, history and mathematics. While attending this school, you will learn topics beyond the classroom, and such topics are taught in very efficacious ways. The school adheres to a STEM learning pattern, and regularly, these skills are reinforced within the curriculum. Carlton South offers a multitude of co-curricular activities from chess to debating to drama. It aims to create a student who will not only excel at the academics, but one who has a deep zeal for the creative arts. To that end, they strongly encourage involvement in such activities, with a highly intriguing approach to learning. Their creative art proficiency is exhibited by the Showcase, which they hold annually at Hurstville Marana Auditorium. As is evident from the above information, Carlton South Public School is a quality receiver of primary education, and will certainly cater for your child's needs. I, myself, have studied at this school for some five years, and thus, have experienced all these moments first hand. I believe I would have been able to elucidate the prevailing strengths of Carlton South more accurately had I stayed for the full 7 year thrill.
Aprie Shrestha (08/25/2019)
Carlton South is a great school with discos, fun-runs, sausage sizzles (yum), and a large library with different varieties of books. There are friendly teachers who always make lessons fun (for example, when learning about fractions, they draw pizzas as an example). The playground is extremely spacious, including a soccer field, a canteen, bathrooms and a school garden filled with lots of healthy plants. I almost forgot to mention the cool in-school activities like dance, debating, PSSA teams, chess and coding, drama and much more.
Timothy Vernon (11/03/2020)
Outstanding school

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