Sharan Mosque

Têrwō, Paktika, Afghanistan
Place type : Mosque
Address : Sharan, Afghanistan
Coordinate : 33.1717782, 68.7868994
Phone : Data is updating...
Rating : 4/5
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Compound Code : 5QCP+PQ Sharan, Afghanistan


Sharan Mosque

What other say:

Simple Global Videos (12/06/2020)
Very nice mosque but the washroom needs walls and privacy
Daud Haqmal (10/13/2019)
This is a holy place
Abdulhadi Abid (12/07/2017)
The beg musqu in sharan every one can offer prayer here
Mohammad Daud Ahmudi (03/08/2019)
Sharan mosque near the mazdager trade canter
Abdulhadi Abid (03/01/2018)
This is the beg musque in sharan but th name is lees difrent

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