Laghman Vilayat General Hospital

‘Alīsheng, Laghman, Afghanistan
Place type : Hospital
Address : Mehter Lam, Afghanistan
Coordinate : 34.6724469, 70.2051044
Phone : Data is updating...
Rating : 4/5
Website : Data is updating...
Compound Code : M6C4+X2 Mitarlam, Afghanistan


Laghman Vilayat General Hospital
Laghman Vilayat General Hospital

What other say:

Ahmadzai Hashim (Tanha) (07/25/2019)
Love my province miss you very much laghman
Muslim Facri (11/15/2019)
I love laghman
Haseeb Afghan (09/07/2018)
Get a chance to can I call in the morning and I have been working on the other side I A the o o I A o o I am so sorry I missed your family and a little more time I will see you tomorrow morning at to you can do that too if you need anything let me to know that you are in a little more than you can I have to go in Laghma I have been talking to you and your
Abdul Wahid (03/12/2018)
Bcz this is nice place for beaing healthy
Waqas ahmad (02/28/2020)

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