Kabul Ada

Nāwah-ye Bārakzaī, Helmand, Afghanistan
Place type : Bus station
Address : Kandahar, Afghanistan
Coordinate : 31.6186429, 65.7546348
Phone : Data is updating...
Rating : 4/5
Website : Data is updating...
Compound Code : JQ93+FV Kandahar, Afghanistan

What other say:

Hassan Afghan (09/21/2020)
Here messenger can to get ride to kabul, speen boldak, qalat
Stephen Allen (05/16/2020)
Great place to...... Yeah!?!
Mahfooz Sayed (04/24/2019)
Very cheap bus station but very dangerous a lot of people were killed bye coach drivers by going very fast
Abdul Rahman Majeedi (08/17/2016)
24/7 Busy Bus Station. If you want to travel to Kabul, Herat, Helmand and or Pakistan the vehicle to take you there can be found here :P
Ijaz Bloach (01/16/2018)
You can take buses from here to Pakistan, Kabul, Ghazni, Harat and Kabul. A big bus terminal.

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