Gholghola Hotel

Kahmard, Bamyan, Afghanistan
Place type : Lodging
Address : جاده فولادی، Bamian, Afghanistan
Coordinate : 34.8213797, 67.8219623
Phone : +93 79 536 6666
Rating : 4/5
Website : Data is updating...
Compound Code : RRCC+HQ Bamyan, Afghanistan


Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel
Gholghola Hotel

What other say:

TechQiyamuddin Khan Nooruddin (06/05/2020)
The most incredibly city of Afghanistan Jalalabad
Waleed Rashid (03/05/2018)
Great hotel. Decent food. Big, clean rooms. The water heater doesnt work too well but definitely my first choice.
johny zheng (06/01/2018)
It's a great place here, close to local market, where you can buy many fruits and other else, feel the type the habitant live. Some steps away is the remains of bamyan Buddha, where you deserve to mark your footprint.
Ajmal Shirzad (05/28/2018)
Gholghola is a nice hotel, providing good services to every one.
Dr. Tariqul Islam (Tariq) (04/15/2017)
Best place to stay in Bamian with moutain view

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