Abdul Hai Gardezi High School

Shwāk, Paktia, Afghanistan
Place type : Secondary school
Address : Gardez, Afghanistan
Coordinate : 33.6019299, 69.2217579
Phone : Data is updating...
Rating : 5/5
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Compound Code : J62C+QP Gardez, Afghanistan


Abdul Hai Gardezi High School
Abdul Hai Gardezi High School

What other say:

Suly Hamdard (11/05/2018)
Nice school with great teachers
Hamidullah Hamdard (08/31/2019)
Abdul Hai Gardezi High School is located in Gardez, the capital of Paktia province. Abdul Hai High School has a large number of graduates every year and students from around the center come from there The high school is used as an important center during the elections

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