مسجد ظلم آباد، zulm abad mosque

Almār, Faryab, Afghanistan
Place type : Mosque
Address : Unnamed Road، Afghanistan
Coordinate : 36.1778688, 64.6675809
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Rating : 5/5
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Compound Code : 5MH9+42 Ortepa, Afghanistan

What other say:

نعمت هجرت (08/11/2020)
Faryab province, Khaja Musa district, Gharatpeh area, Takht-e-Bazar village
M.M. Ghasemi (VIEW GLASS) (04/23/2019)
Zelm Abad village The village is located in the unofficial district of Khajeh-e-Hossi in western Shirin Tagab and north of Maimana in Faryab Province of Afghanistan.
محمدحسن قلندر (12/24/2020)

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Phone: +93 78 164 3434