د مرنجان غونډۍ

Gul Darah, Kabul, Afghanistan
Place type : Park
Address : Kabul, Afghanistan
Coordinate : 34.5143278, 69.2050572
Phone : +93 78 825 8052
Rating : 4/5
Website : Data is updating...
Compound Code : G674+P2 Kabul, Afghanistan


د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ
د مرنجان غونډۍ

What other say:

Torialai Waziry (05/28/2020)
We have enjoyed the view and the fresh air
Abdul Raheem (11/05/2019)
Best place for horse riding, kite flying and the most important the historical place, the mazar of Nadar Shah
Mirwais Masood (04/30/2019)
Nice place to visit and see over the Macroryans area in Kabul.
mnaim faizy (02/10/2019)
Best place to be alone and view Kabul City.
E G (04/27/2019)
Nice to see the kite surfers

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