سرور کائنات جامع مسجد - Sarwar Kaienat Mosque

Surkhi Parsa, Parwan, Afghanistan
Place type : Mosque
Address : Kabul, Afghanistan
Coordinate : 34.5269616, 69.0765418
Phone : Data is updating...
Rating : 4/5
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Compound Code : G3GG+QJ Kabul, Afghanistan


سرور کائنات جامع مسجد - Sarwar Kaienat Mosque
سرور کائنات جامع مسجد - Sarwar Kaienat Mosque

What other say:

Jawad Habib (10/11/2018)
Calm and convenient spot to worship. The priest of this mosque is a polite man. He guides his followers with respected and good manners. The mosque is built by the nearby local people. By their charity and donation. Ablution system is quite standard.
Hekmatullah Hakimi (07/15/2019)
It is a good and very nice place for prayers.
Hameedullah Mohammady (03/09/2019)
Masjid Sarwar Kayenat is situated at north of Kabul, if you need to purchase medicines of any type in bulk, then here is the best place for purchasing.
Mirwais (08/15/2020)
Religious place
Sayed (12/09/2016)
Our area's masjid for daily prays

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