للمی کلی عثمان مسجد

Bāk, Khowst, Afghanistan
Place type : Mosque
Address : Afghanistan
Coordinate : 33.4754614, 70.0890885
Phone : +93 70 751 7667
Rating : 5/5
Website : Data is updating...
Compound Code : F3GQ+5J Aliser, Afghanistan


للمی کلی عثمان مسجد

What other say:

Ilyas Sahid (10/10/2020)
God willing, we would go for a walk sometimes in the afternoon, so it would be too late and we would pray here in this mosque. I remember that once there was a madrassa named Osman who was the memorizer of his death and his Fatiha was in this mosque. A few of us, the Taliban, had come to you. Kaliwal is an honorable creator. Give us special honor and respect. The mosque is located in a beautiful area and is architecturally admirable. Elias Wazir
Nasrat ullah Hamidzoy (08/03/2020)
Pass Rain Village

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