مسجد جامع محمدیه بلخ

Chimtāl, Balkh, Afghanistan
Place type : Mosque
Address : بلخ،، Afghanistan
Coordinate : 36.760648, 66.901844
Phone : Data is updating...
Rating : 5/5
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Compound Code : QW62+7P Balkh, Afghanistan

What other say:

موسی محمدی (11/03/2019)
Balkh Mohammedan Mosque One of the best architectures of the day used to be built on large mosques.
Zaman Rasikh (11/23/2019)
The Mohammadi Jamaat Mosque is one of the largest and largest Shia mosques in Balkh Good luck to those who contributed to the construction of this mosque
سیدهاشم حیدری (11/11/2019)
Mohammedia Balkh Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Balkh district where Shiites pray and worship
Hashim Farzan (12/27/2019)
It is our own mosque.
Mahdi Sarvari (11/09/2019)

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